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Laser Dentisty

By contactus
May 18, 2011
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Netflix hosts a number of documentaries examining how our food is produced ("Food, Inc."), how traditional dietary recomendations may be out of step with good health ("Food Matters" and "Forks Over Knives") and the concerns with GMO seed crops and the products derived from them (soy bean oil, Conolla oil, etc).  YouTube also has a vast array of dietary and nutritional offerings.   When it comes to information on the internet, it reminds me of the Wild West!  However, just because a government agency publishes "guidelines and recomendations," we must also be cautious, since there is a history of a  revolving door between Agribusiness and government regulators. So, use the internent as a help to gain knowledge but question everything and do your research before embarking on lifestyle changes.Ask your  medical professionals questions and  then research their answers.  The American Dental Association web site has great resourses for you.  Also, Pubmed.gov is a good place to find medical research articles.    


On another topic, a recent research article was published in a  Journal of the American Dental Association. It revealed that consuming artificial sweeteners DOES NOT result in weight loss. It is believed that when the taste buds detect "sweet" the brain signals the stomach to begin producing digestive enzymes to break down the expected sugar.   The brain requires large quantities of energy in the form of glucose (the product of enzymatic breakdown  of sugar), so when no glucose is absorbed, the brain makes us more hungry. The result is no reduction in calorie intake.   By the way, "diet " soda causes the same amount of tooth decay as regular sodas. 

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